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Hello Beautiful Ones! It's a lovely sunny day here in Connecticut, still a little chilly but I'll take it. Little Mister is taking a nap so I thought I would try and squeeze in a little blog post before he wakes up. We've been having lots of fun since he has gotten mobile and started crawling. It has definitely changed things around the Joy home leaving me very little time to get anything done. His naps are shorter because I think all he wants to do is get out and explore and he's also learned how to sit, pull up, and stand in his crib (how exciting...not). No, of course it's a good thing but it just makes being a mommy more of a full-time, all hands on deck thing. At least we can go outside now though! Taking walks is a life- saver for both of us and there is nothing better than settling down at night after having had lots of fresh air and sunshine during the day.

Easter Sunday :)
Anywho, I had some time to section off my nursery prints this morning and wanted to share them with you. They make such adorable gifts for new moms and all are fully customizable.

Don't see anything you like? I'm always working with clients on creating custom designs and love new ideas!

shop Pure Joy Paperie for your next baby gift :)

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  1. What a great family picture from Easter! Once they're mobile it's so much fun but you really can't sit down anymore!! It's exhausting. Love all of those nursery prints


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