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Free November Printable - Watercolor Thanksgiving Place Cards

I am so excited for Thanksgiving this year as it will be the first time we are hosting in our new house! We'll have ten or so people and I've already started dreaming up the sides, pies, and place settings, and I'll leave the turkey to Brian...(scary!)
Anywho, I thought it would be fun to offer a free printable for all my loyal PJP peeps this November and these cute little watercolor place cards are it. My mother hand-painted them in her spare time and I converted them to graphic art to be able to share with the masses. I promise they will look super charming on your Thanksgiving day table, and even if you aren't hosting, you offer to bring them to the hostess! 
Click here for the free PDF download. All you need to do is print the file on some card stock or thick paper (US Letter size), cut the shapes and fold along the grey line, and write the names of your family and friends. You can obvi print as many as you like and please share the link ;)


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