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My Mother's Arroz con Pollo Recipe

My mom is SUCH a good cook which has always given me inspiration to get into my own kitchen and serve up delicious meals just like she did for us growing up.

Quite possibly my favorite dish is her Spanish Arroz con Pollo, basically a quick weekday paella minus the pork and seafood. The flavors are exploding and it's a one-pot meal which is a huge bonus for mess and time. It's sort of hard for me to leave exact instructions because I eye-ball a lot of judge the next steps based on the moment but I'll try because you need to have this.

Here is what you need:

white rice
2-3 cloves of garlic
chicken broth
bone-in chicken breasts
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
string beans cut to bite-size pieces
peas (optional)
1 ripe juicy tomato
1 packet of Goya Sazon con azafran
lemon for garnish

Here is what you do:

Salt your chicken pieces liberally
Brown your chicken in a dutch oven with olive oil and the garlic cloves, removing the garlic once it's browned
Once you've sealed in the moisture and flavor of the chicken by browning it all around, remove it from pan.
In the same olive oil, sauté your peppers until soft and then add the string beans and peas if you desire
Chop up the tomato and throw that in as well and add another clove or two of garlic
Add about three - four cups of full flavor chicken broth (not the low sodium kind)
Put your chicken back in the pot with the veggies and the broth and let it cook and take on the flavors
Once it's almost cooked, it's time to add the rice. Follow the instruction on the bag on how much rice to add based on how much chicken broth you added.
Add the packet of the Goya Sazon (this is what turns the rice yellow) and let the rice cook and absorb the delicious broth
Once the rice is cooked, you're done!

Serve with lemon and you'll have a serious fiesta going on in your mouth.


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