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Our Entryway

Hi!!!!! It's been so long! Life with the business and toddler is crazy and beautiful, and we're expecting #2 in July :) It's a GIRL!!!! I can't believe it, I always thought I'd be the mother of boys but God blessed me with this little surprise and we can't wait to welcome her into our family and love the crap out of her.

So before July, I've kicked my decorating and nesting into high gear and have been working on lots of little projects around our (still new) house. For a few months, we thought we were going to put a gigantor addition on and even had the drawings and permits going, but we decided to halt the project and focus on our growing family. I was so excited about a new master bed and bath and lots more space but it's just not right, right now. SO this gave me lots of ammo to pour my love of style and design into what we do have and make it beautiful.

First up, entryway. We have a lovely large entry for the size of our house and I've waited for months until I was inspired to make it what I want. I think I finally arrived at that place over the past week and got to working on it. My favorite part is the gallery of my souvenir scarf collection. It's the first thing you see when you walk in and has my favorite US states on display in all their vintage glory.

Aren't they fun?? All these are available in my shop and I'm working on growing the collection to include all 50 states. 

Next up, the console table I painted black along with my shell display and picture frames. Shells in type trays could be my favorite art ever. 

And my DIY coat hanger I found at a flea market which painted and added old brass door knobs to hang pretty straw beach bags...

Like? I promise to keep posting on the sections I complete, this was fun! If you have any questions about anything at all, feel free to email me.  I love hearing from my readers! 


  1. Hi Liz! Would you do a post about painting your cabinets? We are thinking of painting ours and I would love to hear about the process! Congrats on #2! xoxo

  2. Your entryway looks great!! I love those vintage scarf prints. Can't wait to see the rest of the house.

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