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Losing Weight After Baby #purejoybodyback

This post is going to sound SO vain and probably really annoying to a lot of people but losing weight after baby SUCKS. With Brian, I was so out of sorts those first couple weeks and ridden with anxiety so I wasn't eating, hence immediate weight loss. With Grace, I'm so much more at ease and confident, hence eating normally and enjoying myself = little weight loss.

I'm in no way complaining that I'm fat and I know I don't NEED to lose weight for my health, but I'd like to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes so I'm going to have to DIET. Ugh. I've started running here and there but it's kind of hard to fit in exercise with the two little ones, running my business, writing a blog, cooking dinner, keeping up a house, etc... I know there really is no excuse because I can certainly find a half hour and do some video work-out or even go to the gym because they have free babysitting, but a lot of days to be honest, I'm too tired and don't feel like it. I know, self-pity, get off your a** and work out and shut up.

Along with exercise I'm going to start really watching what I eat. I love sweets and carbs and I love wine, the carbs I'll give up, the wine, not so much. I'm not going to be super intense, or let it take over my life, I'm just going to be mindful about my intake and output. I feel best when I weigh 107, and I'm 117 right now, so 10 pounds and I'm not setting a deadline, though the holidays would be nice. Oh, I weighed 137 right before I had Grace.

I hope I didn't offend anyone with this post because I am aware that my weight loss is not dire, but I wanted to share because I think no matter who you are, what you weigh, after you have a baby, you want to lose weight. Being public and sharing my little weight loss journey happening on the outskirts of my life right now will hold me accountable and maybe if you're on the same journey we can motivate each other. Let's call it #purejoybodyback :) I'll be posting healthy meals and work outs on instagram, and I hope you will, too!

Here's to getting back in shape, and fitting into pre-pregnancy jeans!


  1. We all have that weight that is our "ideal weight in our heads", now if I could just get to your full term pregnancy weight after not having any children, unless this food baby I have going on counts ;) No really though, good luck and keep up the good work!

  2. I'm working on those last 10lbs myself and need to be more mindful of not eating off my kids' plates or snacking instead of meals. Not vain to take care of yourself!


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