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Happy New Year!! I hope you all enjoyed celebrating the close of 2013 and welcoming in 2014 with your loved ones. We have been at my parents' home in Jupiter, Florida since Christmas and are not flying out until Tuesday because of the storm back in Connecticut. I was so bummed to learn we couldn't get out on our scheduled flight which was yesterday, sike!!!! The only flights they could offer us had a minimum of two connections which would be impossible with little baby B. 

We've all had such a great time though there were some hurdles in the beginning. I'm not gonna lie, travelling with little Brian was not the easiest. The day before we left the poor guy got hit with a cough.  He was miserable on the plane and couldn't get comfortable. We were that family with the crying baby -- brutal. Once we landed we sighed with relief and hoped his cough would go away with the warm air. The cough continued and a few days in, he started wheezing. I was terrified and called our pediatrician at home who told us we needed to get to a doctor or to the ER ASAP. We got him in to see a doctor right away and we started giving him nebulizer treatments to help open up his lungs so he could breathe easier. I had never heard of a nebulizer and I was distraught seeing my little guy hooked up to this machine which he had zero tolerance for. Never in a million years did I think his little cough would progress like that and I couldn't help but blame myself. I guess we all do that as moms but I had a very hard time accepting that he caught this from something I exposed him to. At any rate, he's doing much better now and we were given a few extra days to enjoy the Florida weather before heading home to the cold. If any of y'all have questions about nebulizer treatments, email me anytime.

So, moving on, I'm really looking forward to 2014. I'm so excited to grow Pure Joy Paperie and have invested in some new equipment which will enable me to offer new products including personalized mugs, coasters, mouse pads, canvas totes, and many more. I'm going to be committed, really committed, to exercising at least three times a week. Over the years, I've learned that exercise is so important for my well being, the emotional and mental trumping the physical benefits. And of course, number one, be the best mom I can be to Brian Jr. and wife to Brian Sr. 

Well, we're off to Palm Beach for some lunch and shopping on Worth Avenue, it's really too bad our flight home cancelled ;)

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  1. Nebulizers are the worst. They are more traumatizing watching your child get them than actually receiving a treatment. Glad he is doing better! He is such a doll! Happy New Year!


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