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New! Mommy Proof iPhone Covers

I never really thought much about tough, clunky iPhone cases until I became a mom and Mister whacked the phone out of my hand onto the cement floor, and thus shattering it. 

I did some research and found a manufacturer who makes these super tough cases that I know offer in my shop! They have a rubber bumper that goes all around the chase and hard plastic shell that wraps around. I designed this one for myself and am currently offering the other design below! 

Enter MOMMYPROOF for 20% off cell covers today :)

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  1. Combo Cases believe to create great products, we have to start with a simple idea and then craft around that intention. Our design philosophy can be explained in 2 words: smart and simple. We understand consumers purchase their mobile device with careful consideration. As an accessory company, we want to create products that will protect and highlight the original design of the device without covering up the device with layers of material.


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