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Cinco de Mayo!

I got so excited when I looked at my phone today and saw that it was Cinco de Mayo! I love a reason to celebrate, especially on a drab day like Monday, so I sent Brian a text while he was on the train into NYC that read , "It's Cinco de Mayo, let's celebrate tonight!", followed by, "Please pick up a bottle of Patron on your way home :)". We've had an especially rough week with Big Brian traveling for work and a vicious stomach bug that hit basically everyone in our family. We're still dealing with the effects of it with poor little Brian who can't shake the, you know, don't want to type it out here but it begins with a D. I'm constantly changing his clothes and sheets because the diapers can't take it :(

SOOOO on a positive note, here is what I plan on making with the Patron:

And I'll whip up some guacamole and chicken tacos for dinner. I don't think little Brian is ready for any Mexican tastes yet, especially now with his you know...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your cinco de mayo dinner and margaritas!! Poor little Brian- I can't imagine Miller having a stomach bug- hope you're hanging in there!


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