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What's In My Diaper Bag - It's Easy Baby

I'm so excited to introduce to you all a diaper bag revolution created by fellow momtrepreneur and and local to Stamford, Connecticut pal, Dani Cohen. If you're like me, you're diaper bag is an unorganized disaster (sort of like my daily life) which really doesn't bode well when the toddler is running out of reach and the baby is screaming for something you have deep in that black hole you carry on your shoulder. I'm not one for "diaper bags" because I don't want to be restricted to the few cute options available, so I use normal tote bags like this classic monogrammed Lands End's one (now available in gold!) and my new coral Longchamp and hope for the best when it comes to finding what's inside.

This is where Easy Baby comes in. For $49.95 you get these adorable zippered seersucker pouches for the essentials, diapers, food, and clothes.

The pouches arrive in adorable packaging, so this really is the perfect new baby or shower gift

with a description on how to use each bag:

I mean how cute is this??

I especially love the Feed Me bag insulated to keep bottles fresh and ready for go time. 

Check them out on the web, and bonus, your first purchase is 20% off for sharing on your networks.

You can also find Easy Baby on facebooktwitter, and instagram :) 


  1. Love these!! I think I might go buy some now. What size Lands end tote do you use?

  2. Thanks for sharing, Liz! Hope you enjoy them!


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