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Fit Girls Guide #28dayjumpstart

Hi Everyone! We're just getting back from a week away in the sunny land of FLA, and boy was it adventurous! Traveling with two little ones is definitely different from one (much harder) but luckily we found an awesome babysitter to help so we could relax after entertaining the kids all day. I'll post more about traveling with two later this week but for now I wanted to share a program I'm taking part of on instagram hosted by FitGirlsGuide called the #28dayfix. I decided to join on the plane home after indulging in a weeks worth of margaritas. It's basically a workout program and eating plan you follow for 28 days to lose pounds and inches. I've lost a little weight since posting about my postpartum weight loss journey but kind of wanted a little kick in the butt to get the rest off (another 5 to go!) especially after all those margies.

The cost is about $25 and you get a 200 page packet of workouts, recipes, and a calendar to follow along with a plan for each day. Today was day 1 and I'm feeling good and pretty excited about it! I've never done anything like this and actually feel like I'm eating more today than I generally have been but my workout this morning was definitely harder. It's suuuper easy to follow and it will be fun to track my progress along with the hundreds of other girls doing it on instagram. I'm not going to follow the eating calendar exactly but will be using modifications of their recipes I see fit for me and my family.

Here is an example of the fit calendar and a recipe to follow along:

I will be posting snippets of my journey along with a lot of other generally cool stuff on instagram at @purejoyhome 

Oh, and it started today so you can probably still get in! 

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