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Grace Louise's 6 Month Baby Essentials

I decided to put together a list of Gracie's 6 month old essentials after searching for some replacements of things we can't live without last night. The items on this list are what we use and probably the most important tangible items we own because they equal my sanity. It's kind of shallow to admit that life would suck without Grace's jumparoo but it brings her so much happiness throughout the day and it gives my arms a break from holding her.

We've tried lots of different versions of everything on this list but these are what is tried and true:

Honest Company Starter Kit // The only products that don't irritate Grace's sensitive skin
Land of Nod Ocean Playmat // great for floor time with lots of interesting textures for bebe to touch
Little Giraffe Security Blanket // she loves this ultra soft blanket and has it with her at all times
Dr. Brown's Bottle Set // Although a pain in the a** to clean, these are hands down the best for preventing gas
Wabbanub // These are great because she can find them in her crib at night and bring them to her mouth to self-soothe and she chews on all parts of it while she teethes 
Bath Tub // I love this tub because it sits over the sink and I use the detachable faucet head to shower her with her Honest Body Wash
Fisher Price Jumparoo // Grace can literally spend hours in this thing, she LOVES it 
Pottery Barn Bath Towels // We received these as gifts and I love that they have her name on them, and they are super soft
DREFT detergent // no rashes with this stuff
Baby Bouncer // another resting place to give mommy's arms a breather
Plush Book // We love these books for reading, and chewing!
Stroller Bar Toy // I love this thing because you can basically put it on any carrier and it keeps her entertained while we stroll... and chillll

So there you have it, our list of non-negotiables for Gracie Girl. I hope this helps with gift-giving, or the planning of your new arrival :)  Leave a comment below and tell me what YOUR non-negotiables are for bebe, we would love to try something new! 

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