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I wrote the other day how I've been keeping a gratitude journal and I must tell you that for the little time I have been committed to it, I can feel a difference -- I am happier and feel more whole as a person. I know that may sound crazy because it's such a little thing, but it's so true. I have a constant reminder to appreciate the little things throughout the day, like the pretty colors on the leaves and little Brian's smile, and my days are now filled with many moments of feeling grateful and blessed to be here experiencing all these little but beautiful things.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, for the rest of the month of November, I challenge you to be grateful for just one thing every day and document it. If you want to have some fun with it and share your thanks with the world, I invite you to join me on instagram and photograph that one thing you are thankful for throughout your day with hashtag #iamgrateful. I promise you will feel good about it, and it may make you...happier.

Who's with me?! 

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  1. This sounds like such a good idea and such a good reminder to myself to be happy for what I have!


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