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Winter at the Ocean House

For my birthday this year, Brian swept me away for a weekend at the Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. It is such a beautiful and special place for us, as it was on the balcony of room 203 where we got engaged back in 2010. He reserved room 203 for our most recent trip and the whole 24 or hours or so that we spent there was heavenly. My parents watched Mister so we weren't worried about him at all and could enjoy our time, just the two of us :)

I can't say enough about the Ocean House. It's the creme de la creme of New England and pristinely historical from it's recent restoration. As you enter the lobby you are immediately embraced by the warm staff and taken aback by it's coastal charm. You're offered a glass of champagne and are escorted to your room where you'll think you're in heaven for the rest of your stay.

Once you step outside and look at the ocean, you're completely at peace. There is something so special about the ocean in the winter. It's so quiet so you can hear every little wave and the sky is so crisp and clear. You're bundled up with your sweetie and in awe of the vastness of nature's magical sea.

Here are some pics of our trip :)

There is something SO special about the beach in the winter. I think it's because it's so quiet with no crowds 

It's not cheap, but if you can swing it for a special occasion, go for it, you will not regret experiencing this incredible and luxurious New England gem.


  1. Thanks for sharing:) my family and I spent many days in Watch Hill and recently moved to AZ, so this brought back many memories for me and how much my heart will always be on the east coast...:)

  2. You look so blissfully happy! Love the beach in winter! Happy Belated xoxo

  3. Love the hue of your scarf! Any chance it's newish/from somewhere accessible these days? Thanks!

    1. Yes! It's from Hat Attack - you can get it here


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