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Let me preface this post by saying that I'm a true minimalist when it comes to beauty products. I use dove soap,  I shampoo and condition with Tresemme because it makes my hair feel super clean and soft , and use Clinique for my face wash, lotion, and make up. All my life I have preferred to stick to these simple basics and they've served me well.

After having Brian, however, I my skin has taken a turn for the worse. My freckles look more like brown spots, I have crazy dark circles under my eyes, and I can't believe I am even typing this, but I'm starting to notice some wrinkles on the outsides of my eyes!! Ugh!! I had a little time this weekend and took a trip to Lord & Taylor, a trip that I think may have changed my life. CC CREAM. Holy Sh** have you guys tried this? It is not at all like foundation (which I despise), it's practically invisible except for where you need it and because of that, I'm obsessed. Like, officially obsessed. It makes me look SO much better!! All the problems with my tired and sun abused skin disappear for the time I have this cream on and they say if you wear it long enough, it actually repairs your skin. Amazing.

I also bought their dark circles cream that I love almost just as much. It goes on with a metal applicator so there is that instant cool feeling which is totally refreshing for the mornings, and it smooths and lightens the skin.

Here is a before and after shot I took yesterday. Really baring it all here, I apologize in advance for the before, I had a long night with Mister the night before, eek.

So I recommend not walking but RUNNING to your nearest Clinique counter for this miracle cream OR you can buy here with free shipping (click on any image):


  1. Looking good. May I ask you what shade you bought of the CC Cream ? Thanks / Helena

  2. Love CC!! I'm with Mary Kay and we just came out with one for $20 with SPF in it. Amazing stuff!!

  3. You look great and you barely have circles under your eyes!! I need to try this. Does it moisturize at all? My skin is so dry post baby.


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