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Our Trip to Jupiter, Florida

Hello Everyone! We're back from Florida and had such a fun time enjoying the warm weather :) Mister and I went down with our cousin Kristen and her daughter, Aubrey for the first leg of the trip. and then my parents and hubby came down later in the week. A few big things happened while we there, Mister learned how to crawl (!!!!!) and I picked up some new wholesale accounts for Pure Joy Paperie. If you're in Jupiter, Florida you can now shop for my prints at Left Bank Arts and at Blueline Surf & Paddle Co.! It was fun walking around and wholesaling, I had to be really bold and just walk right in and sell, sell, sell. I'm not used to that but I guess it's a good skill to have under my belt. Also, Mister was on my hip so I think that helped :)

Here are a few pics from the trip:

My friend Patty's new kitchen showroom, Waterview Kitchens

literally walking around, wholesaling.

Dune Dog Lunch = fat but amazing

family selfie

could you eat his legs??

paddle boarding

another family selfie

mister loving the pool!

And a video of Mister (sort of) crawling for the first time: 

We love Jupiter, and therefore, I of course had to create something: 

print available in the shop

If you're planning on a trip to FLA, I highly recommend Jupiter! You fly into West Palm Beach and it's about a 25 minute drive North. I can give you all the places to go, just email me :)

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