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Cauliflower Mac & Cheese (The Rich & Creamy Version)

Cauliflower Mac & Cheese is nothing new but the version I made last night is a little richer than the healthy versions all over the web. I included butter and lots of cheese along with the cauliflower because this recipe was intended to feed my toddler, Brian (age 2), who burns 80,000 calories a day. He is also the PICKIEST eater you could imagine and I should have known he would refuse to eat this because he saw the bag of cauliflower on the counter and because it didn't taste like the box of Annie's he usually gets. He cried in his high chair for about 15 minutes, like sobbed, until we finally gave in and let him eat what we knew he would: cucumber, cottage cheese with jelly, cheese, grapes, and a few crackers.

I can't tell you how AGGRAVATING it is to think you're going to hit the jackpot with dinner for your toddler only to have him say "YUCK I don't like it" without even trying it. I know it's my fault because I usually just make what I know he will eat and he knows I will eventually give in.  I also understand it would help if we ate as a family but Brian Sr. commutes to New York City and gets home too late for Brian who is usually hungry around 6. I guess I will continue to try and hopefully he'll come around. Do you battle this with your toddlers??

I posted this instagram because I finally saw the humor in the whole thing:

This is what I deal with...
SO onto the recipe. My husband and I devoured it or else I would have thrown it away (and this is how mothers and fathers gain weight). This would make an excellent side dish to any comfort food, or as a main dish for normal children who eat. This recipe serves 4.

I boiled pasta and made the sauce on the side.

For the sauce, I used:

About 4 cups of boiled cauliflower, puréed in a food processor. In a sauce pan I melted 3 tablespoons of butter and added the puree with some salt. I mixed it up and then added two handfuls of shredded mozzarella cheese, about 2 ounces of cheddar, and a dash of milk. I really eyeballed the whole thing and kept stirring it until I got the consistency I desired.

I poured the mixture of the pasta and got delicious results. Seriously, even though the tot didn't like it, it was delicious and you should definitely make it :)

Hooray for hidden veggies!

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