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Welcome Grace Louise Joy

Wanna know what's funny? I told myself over the weekend that as part of my attempt to get back to normal (post-newborn phase), I would start blogging again because I miss it terribly.  Just when I finally accepted that the laundry and disaster that is my house can wait, I go to sit at my computer and my wireless mouse had gone missing... typ. I found it on one of our kitchen seats, thanks Bri :) OK Grace just started eating her hand so I'll go feed her and come back.

Ahh hopefully she's falling asleep right now, I can hear her sucking on her "woowie", our household code for Wabbanubs, and slowly getting quieter and quieter, bliss. Brian is at his babysitter which he goes to on Tuesday and Thursday mornings so I can get a few hours to myself, well myself and Grace.

Grace Louise was born on July 15, 2015 at 5:19 PM. I was induced (more on than in a later blog post) and it went beautifully. I went to the hospital at 8:00 AM, started pushing at 4:00 PM and an hour and 19 minutes later came my precious little girl. She is the sweetest little bundle of JOY and we are all head over heals in love with our newest member. Brian was a tad overwhelmed with the change (more on that in a later blog post) but has adjusted beautifully throughout the weeks considering his world has completely changed, he's the best. She is SUCH a good baby and I am thrilled to have both a daughter and a son.

Here are some pictures of little Gracie Lou from the past 8 weeks:

Our first family portrait of four. Brian is holding his present from Grace, a stuffed "George" from his favorite Peppa Pig books.

As you can see Big Brother Brian was very enthused skeptic...

And we're home!

first bath

LOVES the baby bjorn

also loves to cuddle, basically just likes to be held and cuddles all the time which I'm fine with :) 

all smiles for mama

chunkin' up :)

sleeping beauty and those arms

 It's been an incredible eight weeks, a few ups and downs in the very beginning with the adjustment and lack of sleep, but we are so so blessed with our Baby Grace. I look at my kids and wonder how I got so lucky, thanking God for this perfect life. I am forever grateful and count my blessings every. single. day. 

Moving forward, I'll be sharing lots of my little bits of life on this blog including pregnancy, birthing, getting in shape after baby, baby-feeding, life with two, how I try and stay sane as a mom of young children (wine), and fun stuff like recipes, fashion, decorating, house-keeping, entertaining, etc...I'll also cover local stuff that has to do with Fairfield County (mainly Stamford). It will be 100% genuine and I hope you'll follow along and comment on your thoughts and experiences as well. 
Disclaimer: There will be typos because I have zero time to edit.

Chat soon.


  1. She's so beautiful, congratulations! We welcomed our third baby girl a little more than a month before you and I forgot just how truly magical the newborn stage is! Enjoy and I look forward to reading more!

  2. Congrats again on Grace and so happy you'll be back to blogging! Blogging actually doing anything with two kids is tough. She is just precious!


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