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Happy Halloween Y'all!! I'm sorry I don't have a picture of Brian yet, he was NOT cooperating this morning and mommy needed a break. Anywho, our next door neighbors invited us over for a Halloween party last weekend and I was blown away with all the adorable and clever DIY decorations and treats. I didn't expect much less from the family that has chickens, a full vegetable garden, and gets their milk delivered from a farm in Hudson Valley, all in their little backyard in Stamford, CT :) 

How cute are these mummies?? They are juice boxes covered in athletic tape.

Bonnie and her equally creative and outdoor enthusiast husband Wayne planted a corn maze for the kids to run around and find their pumpkins to decorate.

Brain cupcakes with the most delicious homemade icing, I was sure to sample not one, but two from the batch. 

Scavenger hunt clues...

How cute is this?! Thank you, Bonne and Wayne for inviting us, and for the photos of all your creative ideas!

Happy Halloween and I'll be back later with a pic of little Brian in his costume! 


  1. What an adorable party!!! I think I'll have to have a Halloween party next year just to use all of these cute ideas!

  2. Love all the tiny details into this Halloween festivity :)
    xo TJ

  3. Love the brain cupcakes! That is a new idea for me!

  4. What a great Halloween and great DIY-ideas ! :) Those Mummies are really clever!

    Kat /


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