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Getting over nine months of pregnancy and a ridiculously long delivery takes a lot of time to recover from, lots and lots of time, emotionally, mentally, and certainly physically. No one ever really told me that, but I can tell you now that I still have days where I don't feel quite back to normal yet. I'm really doing my best to eat healthy, exercise, keep up with the house, pay attention to the dog, have dinners ready for Brian Sr. when he gets home from work, etc... but as I said before I'm doing my best.

Sometimes doing simple things like having a healthy juice for lunch makes me feel really good, until I wash it down a few hours later with a few handfuls of candycorn - oops! I have been adding veggies because I don't get nearly enough in my diet and this is a really simple and quick way. You can add whatever you want but my go-to lately has been:

frozen kale (everyone talks about it so I guess it's really good for you?)
1 celery stalk
8 baby carrots
green grapes

I use a blender and I think I like it better than a juicer because nothing gets strained out. I remember hearing that the skins of the fruits have tons of nutrition so it's better to get it all in there.

put it in a mason jar and you'll feel better drinking it, too! 

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