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Four Ingredient Pancakes

The other morning I wanted to try something other than Brian's usual oatmeal with blueberries and banana for breakfast so went with the pancake idea. We had a box of bisquick in the house but when I looked at the 100 ingredients, mostly things I couldn't pronounce, I went online to look for a homemade recipe. I found these four ingredient pancakes on pinterest and decided to give them a try.

All you need is one cup of oats, one cup of whole milk, one egg, and one banana. You put it all in a bullet, or whatever mixing device you use to make sure the oats and banana get chopped up and fully absorbed in the milk. They come out super light and thin, and little Brian DEVOURED them. I put some butter and real maple syrup on top and he literally couldn't get enough. The batch is enough to last a few days and they make the perfect wholesome breakfast.

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