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5 Weeknight Dinners from Trader Joe's

Since I have literally no time most days and need to have something on the table at dinner, I am grateful to have Trader Joe's about two minutes away. We're not big takeout people, I always feel overly full and like I could have made that better myself afterwards. There are a few staples I know I can rely on for a dinner that takes me under 20 minutes from start to finish and for prepared food and a very affordable price, they are quite delicious.

I usually add chicken and extra soy-sauce to make these a complete meal. Big Brian LOVES it, I personally am not a big stir-fry person in general but this works in a pinch.

These already grilled chicken strips make for a super quick taco night. I also purchase their fresh salsa, tortilla, lettuce, mexican shredded cheese, and guac. Easy peasy! 

This is remarkably good for prepared sauce. Top it with freshly grated parmesan cheese over spaghetti and you're good!

We actually had this last night, and we both enjoyed it. I served it with Haricot Vert and an arugula salad and it was ready in under 20 minutes.

Love this pizza! It's so easy and I keep it stocked in the freezer for a quick dinner. I usually top it with fresh ingredients like arugula, a little extra parmesan, proscuitto, etc..

There you have it! Our super simple weeknight dinner low down from Trader Joe's. Give these a try when you don't have time or just don't feel like cooking a.k.a me every night. 

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  1. Given that we see you at TJ's all the time, it's no surprise you've come up with some great recipes! Thanks for the culinary inspiration.
    C + C


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