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DIY Gold Foil Letter Art

I've had this image of a pink or blue and gold foil letter in my head for months and finally got it out the other day with the perfect $3 wooden letters I found at Target. I bought a G and a B, some pink and blue acrylic paint, painter's tape and a paint brush, and Martha Stewart's gold foil and foil adhesive from Michaels. The craft is pretty simple, the painting easier than the foil, and a step you can incorporate your little one in on.

For the painting:

Place the painter's tape where you want the color to end. I wanted it to be 3/4 the way down the letter:

Paint away with any brush you have in the house. It takes a couple of coats to cover up the grain of the wood: 

You could really leave the letters like this, they look kind of cool, but not as cool as with the gold foil:

Here we go with the foil:

Paint the adhesive where you want the foil to be laid. In hindsight, it's probably a good idea to cover the painted area with painters tape to create a straight line of foil, but I didn't know that at the time.  

place the gold foil face down

Press it down and get all the air bubbles out by running your fingers over and smoothing it out. Once you feel like the foil is down flat, pull of the orange tissue paper up making sure the gold foil stays on the letter (some may come off and that's okay)

This part is a little tricky because the foil is sooo delicate. You really need to be gentle and thorough with the foil because it rips very easily. The good thing is if it rips off, you can go over it with more glue and foil to make sure it's covered in gold. Eventually, you'll get it and you can kind of tear it away on the sides to it's on the front surface only. 

Here is how mine turned out: 

Doesn't it look super cute?? If you give it a try, let me know how it comes out by tagging me on instagram @purejoyhome! Good luck!


  1. Love them! I really like the look of the half-paint, half-wood too! But I think my very favorite is the pic of putting on the gold foil while balancing a baby on one hip. That's skill!

  2. Love these! I also love that you let Brian help you paint. I might need to try this for our playroom


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