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Airplane Travel with Toddlers & Babies

Hola Chicas! I promised myself I would write a blog post on surviving airplane travel with a toddler and a baby because I see lots of posts from moms asking for tips and tricks for their upcoming vacations. We haven't flown too far with our kids, only from NYC to Florida, but we've flown a fair amount of times back and forth so I figured I would share what has been useful in saving us from disaster.

Grace has been 10 weeks and 5 months on her trips to Florida so far and Brian is now 2.5 but has been traveling since he was a babe as well.

We bring our double stroller (The City Select) ; bucket seat (The Chico Key Fit) that Grace is still in, and Brian's 5 point harness car seat (The Britax Marathon). You can check the larger car seat when you initially check-in (free) and the stroller and bucket seat at the gate (also free) which is helpful because you can strap them in while you're in the airport. I would suggest buying the protection bags for the pieces you check. I'm pretty sure whichever devices you use sell travel bags. We never actually used them and our stuff has been okay but I've heard of pieces coming back filthy and broken. Don't ask me why I haven't taken that step #hotmess. Also, check as many bags as you can so you can focus on lugging the kids and your carry-on (which will be heavy as hell), and not your suitcases which could otherwise be taken care of for you.

Packing List:


In addition to the everyday basics like diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, etc...

1. Benadryl in case of allergic reactions; tylenol and/or motrin for random bouts of illness like fevers, ear troubles, want to be armed in case things go south.

This is no time to prove anything to yourself or anyone around you, pull out the ipad and let your child get lost in whatever it is he or she likes. Sometimes the wifi doesn't work so download movies and shows and make sure they work in airplane mode. We don't usually have Brian use headphones, just kept the volume low, but that might be fun for them. Also, totally random but Office Max has this app called "ElfYourself" that allows you to snap photos of people and put their faces in dancing bodies. Brian was entertained with this for a solid hour and it worked with no internet so I would suggest downloading this free, ridiculous app.

Brings lots of snacks, his or her favorites and some new exciting snacks, non-allergenic of course. Peanuts are not permitted on planes anymore.

Hand sanitizer and wet wipes to wipe down the seats because chances are your toddler will be licking them by the end of the flight (how do they manage to touch every square inch of the dirtiest surfaces??).

If they have a security blanket and/or pacifier, obviously a must and pack back up paci's because they are bound to fall on the filthy floor.

Some new activity books, like the coloring ones with the magic white pen, sticker books, etc...

Some favorite books

Their drink of choice in a small cooler. Even though you're not allowed to bring water through security, if you have a baby or a toddler with you, you are permitted.

Hmm... I think that's it for toddlers.


Grace has been an angel and has slept through most of the flights in the Baby Bjorn. I definitely recommend a carrier for the little ones so they stay close to you and away from the germs. Feed them on the way up and on the way down, the swallowing could prevent ear pressure. Other than that for the tiny ones it's really whatever keeps them quiet, watching their siblings, walking them up and down the isles, soft singing to them, bouncing, you get the idea. Have the medicine ready in case they need it as well.

And if you can squeeze it in, a Bloody Mary for mom and dad never hurt anyone ;)

Bon Voyage!!

If you have any questions or some tips and tricks of your own, please comment below!

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  1. Perfect timing for this since I'm traveling next week with both boys for the first time on a plane! My husband will be with us and I plan to use the ipad as often as possible.


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