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Remember when our parents took us to CVS to pick out our valentines to hand out in class? We bought one or two packs, maaaaybe some candy to go along with it, and wrote in the names of our classmates one by one and hand-delivered them to each our friends. Brian isn't in school yet but the valentines I'm seeing from friends on facebook and all around the web are like blow your mind creative genius pinterest-wins, they are seriously awesome. Maybe it's because I'm really overtired this week, and let me preface this by saying you know I'm all for a good DIY and I applaud these super mommies' creativity, but sometimes I wish we could go back to the days when things were less pinterest-y and I hate to say it, but maybe a little overdone? I know it comes from a good place but it kind of stinks that there is this pressure to create these masterpieces for such a sweet little innocent day.  I wonder what our moms were thinking about for our valentines? I asked my mom this question and she said it was a treat for me to go to the local drug store and pick out my favorite disney character valentines. We would come home and I would write them out, package them up and be excited as heck to get to school in the morning with my red and pink outfit.

So, this year, we're keeping it simple in the Joy house and created these little watercolor cards. Brian had no interest in painting at the time so I did it, but I asked him what he liked about each of his friends and we wrote a little message on the back and I made him "sign the card".

They're nothing special, but kind of cute and definitely sweet. All you need are some white cards, a simple pack of watercolor paints and precious time with your little one.

Lots of Love,  Liz (and little B)


  1. Those are totally special and awesome!! I love it! Such a good DIY. I just printed some free printables and taped a little plastic dinosaur to Miller's Valentines for school today because they discourage sending candy to school (allergies, parents against candy etc). They were super easy and these days running to the store with two kids is actually more exhausting then printing stuff out myself because I'm pretty sure Miller would have thrown a fit for alllll the Valentines and candy ;)

  2. Valentines at age 2??!!! I"m never having kids!! I think my favorite part is Little B's signature .. so cute!


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