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About and My New Fashion Venture!

Happy Monday, Lovelies. I wanted to give you a quick explanation about my latest fashion venture with I know, I know, another venture Liz?? Let's get real, I'm not a fashionista but I do throw together some pretty cute looks every now and again (lots of a budget) and this is a fun way for me to share where I get my pieces and an easy way for you to buy them if you choose. I do get a teeny tiny commission on each piece purchased which is a bonus and it is slowly starting to afford me a budget to buy clothes to keep the posts coming.

If you follow me on Instagram (follow, follow!), you’ve probably noticed I caption a lot of my style posts with something like, "sign up with for shopping links delivered directly to your inbox!" so let me explain how it works. 

Once you sign up with , whenever you like a photo tagged with a link, you will receive an email with ready to shop product links from my outfits and the thousands of other fashionistas (real ones) using this program. It's so easy and a great way for people to curate their own styles based on pieces they like on insta.

the emails you will receive will look just like this:

It's as easy as literally steps 1, 2, & 3. 

I hope you'll come along with me on yet another venture :) Okay so ready? One more time:

1. Follow me on instagram @purejoyhome

2. Go on and register

And that's it, explore all the gals sharing their outfits on instagram with the tag #liketkit and curate your own style :)

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