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The Perfect Neutral Clutch

I've been digging clutches lately because they are the perfect carry-all for my very few necessities when going out at night, lip gloss, credit card, license, iphone. What a nice treat to not carry my diaper bag, like a weight off my shoulders, literally :)

I'm definitely a minimalist when it comes to shoes and accessories. I like to have a few pair of go-to dressy and daytime shoes, very few handbags, and the same with jewelry. I can't deal with too many options and having to choose the right bag and the right shoes to go with the outfit is an extra step I'd rather not take. Therefore, I limit my purchases in this arena to neutral ones. For clutches, it has to go with ANYTHING I wear and I've found that the platinum gold color does the trick. It's definitely a neutral but has a punch which works to spruce up your going out look.

I've selected nine clutches all available online, the top row being the most expensive and the bottom row the cheapest. I just bought the bottom row middle and can't wait to test it out this weekend, aaaaand it was like $9.

Hover over the + sign to find out the brand and price and then click to be directed right to the retailer.


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  1. I need a new gold clutch SO badly! This is the perfect reminder and list to shop from!


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