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Easy Bake Pumpkin Bread

I'm here to tell you about an amazing pass-off as your own (or who cares) pumpkin bread that I made on halloween to get the house smelling halloween-y and I was so surprised at this boxed goodness. Seriously, there are so many good ready-to-bake mixes out there tit kind of makes you think twice about making things from scratch, unless of course you're in the Martha mood.

This is the perfect little treat to make for your family on a saturday morning, or even to bring in muffin form to a brunch with friends or play date.

It's Trader Joe's pumpkin bread mix and all you need to do is add vegetable oil, an egg, and water :) I actually used apple sauce instead of oil because I didn't have any and it was perfectly moist. When you can save on time and still make something that tastes seasonally deliciously like homemade fall, I'm game.

Have you tried any good boxed mixes that are good?? Do share!


  1. We are addicted to that too - even better with their Pumpkin butter and a bit of whipped cream. Thanks for posting you were blogging here - I've missed your updates in my feed.


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