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(Sorry, Dad) Why are dads so hard to buy for?? Or is it only me? My dad tends to be very content and happy with what he has, and if there is something he wants, he usually finds it at his weekly Costco run (my parents are OBSESSED with Costco!).

I want to get my dad something this Christmas that he didn't necessarily think he needed, but that he ends up loving, and I want him to be reminded all year long that it's from his daughter who thinks he is the best dad in the whole world because frankly, I'm lucky I have a dad like him.

SO I came up with this list. I personally think I'm going to get him and my mother these Charge HR Wireless Activity & Heart Rate Tracker because they are promising to walk on the beach everyday while they are in Florida this winter and so that they can keep tabs on their health.

Click on the + icon to shop the items, it's not too late but get your orders in STAT!

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