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Hi Mama Loves! I took yesterday off from blogging (and am blogging late today) because my life is crazy!! I'm trying to keep up with my Etsy shop and am actually in the middle of potty training Brian Jr., which is surprisingly going well. Today was our first day and he had two accidents so far but *tinkled* on the potty like 8 times, probably for the chocolate. I'm actually using an advent chocolate calendar for incentive which is pretty convenient since it's numbered, for example on the 5th time he uses the potty he can take the chocolate from day 5, kids...

Anywho, if you follow me on instagram, please do! I posted some cute outfits that you might be interested in as gifts or for yourself.

One is this cute top from Dillards that is on sale for $54

and the other is this poncho by Hat Attack

Okay, my mom just got here so we can dye my hair (yes, I dye my own in between highlights) so have to run but hope your holidays are going great!!!

Wish me luck with the potty-training :)

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