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I recently fell in love with Margaret Elizabeth during a mini shopping trip (which equals me running into the store for five minutes while hubby keeps the kids occupied outside) to the cutest little store in Fairfield called The Beehive. I spotted the bright gemstones from across the store and ran over to try them on, they were so pretty. I could hear the kids getting wild outside so I quickly took off without making a purchase but definitely made a mental note and made sure to tell Brian so he could keep it mind ;)

how pretty???

I picked out my favorite assortment of her pieces below in case you're looking for some last minute gifts for the ladies in your life, or in case you want to send my handy little blog post to your man. 

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  1. Oh I love her stuff! Thank you for sharing that. I wish she did some things in silver or white gold though ... I'm just a silver lady when it comes to most jewelry.


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