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My Experience with the #28dayjumpstart for Postpartum Weightloss

Happy New Year!! I wanted to send out a quick post before the actual New Year begins on my recent weight loss experiment with the instagram program #28dayjumpstart hosted by Fit Girls. There is a new round starting on January 4th so if you're looking to take off a couple holiday pounds or lose that baby weight, I want you to be able to get in on this challenge because it worked for me. I recently got some comments and questions regarding my postpartum weight loss journey after I posted this photo of my family at the beach on vacay so here's how it goes:

After having Grace in July, the weight started falling off. I gained a total of around 33-35 pounds throughout my pregnancy and I lost about 20 pounds in first four weeks after having her. Although I still couldn't quite fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes,  I was psyched that the weight was coming off. Fast forward two months, not so much. At this point, my weight loss came to a screeching halt. Weeks were passing and the scale was not budging an ounce and I was getting frustrated. I really wanted to fit into my clothes comfortably again so I decided it was time to do something about it. Although I was trying to be more aware of what I was eating and attempting exercise in the form of running and walking with the double stroller, nothing was really happening. Oh, and I had stopped nursing at this point.

This is when I jumped in on the #28dayjumpstart challenge. I'm on instagram a lot so I figured nothing would motivate me more than seeing other girls on the same challenge post pictures of the diet and exercise they were experiencing. Here is how it works, you go to the Fit Girls page and buy the #28daychallenge on their website for about $25. They send you a packet that has all of the information pertaining to the challenge including a calendar of recipes and exercises you can do at home. I loved having this packet to refer to at the gym and a calendar of new healthy recipes to try, but to be completely honest, I didn't really follow the meal plan to a T like many of the other girls on the challenge. I didn't have time on Sundays to plan out every single meal and I cook for a hungry husband (a meat and potatoes guy) so I kind of adapted that piece to fit into my life.

Having said that, I LOVED the challenge because it gave me a whole new outlook on food. Although I didn't follow the recipes like I said to a T, it kind of gave me a guideline on how much protein, veggies and which carbs were okay on a daily basis. One thing, I did have a sh*t ton of wine on the plan and that is not encouraged, well two drinks/per week are okay but I definitely had more than that, probably around 7 +/- glasses of wine/week (eek!) (#sorrynotsorry).

I also have to say that I LOVED the exercise plan because well, I had a plan. I knew how many of what exercises to do every day of the week rather than just moseying on into the gym and hopping on various machines. If you're working full-time with kids, this is something you can do before work at home, on your lunch break, or maybe when the kids go to bed, definitely harder but it's doable.

I finished the program in November and have been in "maintenance mode" since. I try and follow the protein/veggies/limited carbs thing and do my best to keep up with the exercises. During the holidays I definitely did not do the exercises BUT did do these minimum movements every day: at least three sets of 30 second planks, and at least 30 pushups.

Do I look amazing in a bikini? HHEEEELLLL NO! Do I look and feel overweight? NO. Can I fit into my clothes again, YES! and for that I'm grateful to have done this challenge.

It starts on January 4th so give it a whirl, a. you have to buy it ($25) and b. you will become part of this "fit girl" community on instagram and those two things will keep you accountable.

Happy New Year Girls and thanks for the comments and for letting me share my weight loss journey with you. 


  1. You look awesome! I did it this fall too to loose the last of my pregnancy weight and it was awesome! I actually followed the meal plans to a T but didn't do the exercise. I continued with my weekly Pilates reformer class and ran occasionally (life was busy!) but got 2 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight just by altering my diet for 6 weeks. I've since gained back 2 lbs so I'm going to officially do the plan starting on the 4th and made an IG account this time around to keep me more accountable and hopefully get me a bit lower than I've been in years. I make my family eat the food 2-4 nights a week and then make something different for them the other nights (but give my husband like 3 servings!). Love the supportive community they've created!


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