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Can we talk about this dress for a second? I mean...I CAN'T. I spotted it the other day while shopping for household essentials at guess where, Targé and thought to myself, Michelle Obama, Jackie O, Kate Spade...basically class.

I had a holiday party to go to in the city this week with my hubby and this dress was PERFECT. And it was $19.

These "photo shoots" are so freaking awkward, hopefully I get better at it..
You wouldn't believe how many compliments I got on it, and yes, I told them it was from Target because personally, I think it's really cool to be able to pull off a dress for under $20 at a fancy event, and I love the look of shock on people's faces when I tell them ;)

The shoes I'm wearing are old Stuart Weitzman but I posted my dream pair below that I wish I had to wear with this dress...


  1. Such a cute dress! You would never know it is less than $20!!

  2. I saw this dress at Target this week and did a double take at its CUTENESS. Very Kate Spade inspired - I still can't believe it's from Target!! It looks great on you :)


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