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The Perfect Christmas Cocktail

I've got it for you, someone had to do it. The other day I tested out various combinations for the perfect Christmas cocktail and this was by far my favorite. This little cocktail is perfect for brunch on Christmas morning, or as a before-dinner specialty on Christmas Eve/Day.

You'll need a bottle of prosecco (any kind will do, you can go cheap here but I'd stick to around $10) St. Germain, cranberry juice and fresh cranberries for garnish.

Simply pour in your prosecco, add a splash of St. Germain and a splash of cranberry juice, and about 3 or 4 cranberries, DELISH! If you have someone not drinking sub out the prosecco for ginger ale and you'll get the same effect, well not really but I tried.

I love using my vintage champagne glasses but West Elm just came out with similar versions! They're so fancy and fun to hold :) 

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