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Moms...who deserves more at Christmas than them, seriously? My mother is everything to me, my best friend, my sounding board, my lifeline, basically my goddess. She provides me with the security, comfort and love that no one else can (it's equal to, but different than the husband kind), and I am so fortunate to have her in my life. We have such a special relationship and I cherish it.

On Christmas, I want to get her something to show her just how much she means to me, and I want it to make her happy and luxurious feeling because she deserves that, and so much more. 
Take a gander and see what I've curated for this year's Mom Gift Guide. Click the + to be directed to the retailer, note many of these are on sale! And ummm, who knew Talbots was so chic?? I'm into it...

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